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Blog, what does that even mean, Blog... blog blog blog, wait, that's blah blah blah. 

There was an idea, to provide people with as much information as possible about camping as possible.  It was born out of a bathroom, that was less than desirable, and less than the previous bathroom from the same company at a different campground.  I'm not talking about how dirty it was.  I'm talking about those little shower heads that don't move and are mounted right next to the wall and a little low for a 6 foot 3 inch guy.  I don't want to rub my body on the wall in an effort to take a shower.  Nah, I'll just stay dirty until I get home.  But out of that conversation between me and Tania, was born the idea to share our camping experiences with everyone.  Now we try to capture as much detail from each campsite, to help y'all make an informed decision, or at least be mentally prepared before you arrive at a campsite.  Like bringing your own hand soap to the Cedar Hill State Park, or making sure you have some spare toilet paper at Goliad State Park.

So, there you go, this is the beginning for us.  If you're interested subscribe.  We'd love to keep sharing our adventures with y'all

Happy Camping Y'all

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